Success Coach

Who We Are

FMCS Smudge Station

We work closely with FNMI families in reaching school success and creating an environment which is culturally accepting.

We try to build a trusting relationship with the families and schools. We work closely with each school to bring cultural awareness and use the cultural knowledge within the schools.

The Success Coach covers Fort Vermilion, High Level, Rocky Lane, Meander River and Rainbow Lake.


To see the First Nations, Metis and Inuit students thrive in school and reach their goals, while feeling a strong sense of pride of who they are and the backgrounds they come from throughout their school journey.

"Reconciliation means establishing and maintaining a mutually respectful relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada." - TRC

Types of Support

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In School

  • Assist students/families with the identification of barriers to success, provide support and advocacy for those students as they pursue their studies, and explore options for further education and/or career exploration.
  • Facilitate and strengthen school engagement for identified students/families.
  • Support students to develop a sense of identity and assist schools in promoting cultural awareness.
  • Working with guidance and support with community Elders, knowledge keepers and cultural advisors.

At Home

  • Offer in-home support while following COVID-19 guidelines and ensuring social distance applies.
  • Consistent checking in via in-person, phone calls, texts and emails.
  • Working closely with FNMI families to create a success plan for students and to address any barriers or concerns.
  • Refer out to other agencies/possible supports.

In The Community

  • Assist as a community liaison between the FVSD and partner First Nations communities.
  • Create and establish partnerships and resources.