FMCS Nutrition Program

FMCS Daily Lunch Program

We are so excited to be able to offer a FREE daily lunch program at FMCS! No cost, no ordering ahead of time, just enjoy a healthy lunch prepared by our wonderful cook and her assistant.

We serve daily lunches for Kindergarten - Grade 3. Please send a drink (ie. water bottle) and snacks for morning and afternoon snack times. Students are welcome to bring their own lunch if they do not like what is on the menu or if there are any allergy concerns.

Early Intervention students are provided with a healthy snack at morning/afternoon snack time. Please send a drink (ie. water bottle) with your child. Feel free to send a snack from home if your child does not like what is on the menu or if there are any allergy/dietary concerns.

Lunch and snacks are prepared in the fully equipped FMCS kitchen and delivered to each classroom for lunch at 11:45 AM. Menu items range from sandwiches and wraps to spaghetti with meat sauce, perogies with sausages, and chicken noodle soup with a bun. Healthy snacks like fruits, veggies and yogurt are provided along with each lunch and to our half day students in Early Intervention. Menus are sent home at the beginning of each month with our monthly event calendar. You can also find the lunch menu right here on our website - click here to view.


This program is made possible with funds from the Alberta Government
and will be supplemented by the Fort Vermilion School Division.

Please contact the school if you have any questions, comments or concerns!
Phone: 780-926-2331 / Email: