Effective Behaviour Support (EBS)

At FMCS we believe that a positive approach to discipline and teaching students appropriate behaviours throughout the year will help them be successful, safe and secure.  EBS is a system that we use to help our children learn the expected behaviours and reward those same behaviours. 

We have 4 school wide rules (see below) that we teach the children; and we provide them with positive examples to be successful. 


Children identified as following the rules will be rewarded with a Bear Hug.  This certificate is posted in the hallway for recognition and at the end of each month will be entered for the chance to win a prize.  In our EBS system we reward students for positive behaviour.  This teaches children that appropriate behaviours are worthwhile.

Our EBS Bear Hug Board

Negative behaviours are tracked using Red Slips.  These papers are used to identify problem behaviours and areas.  They are not a consequence for wrong behaviour, they provide us with information.

In general, teachers are expected to take care of any discipline problems in the classroom and on the playground.  In the instance of a more serious offense they are reported to the office and home will be contacted.

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