Child's Circle Program

Child's Circle Project

In collaboration with Region 8 Child and Family Services, the Child’s Circle Project provides support services for students and families in all schools in the Fort Vermilion School Division. There are currently Child's Circle workers at the following locations:

  • Rainbow Lake School
  • High Level – two workers provide service to students in the schools in High Level
  • Rocky Lane School
  • Fort Vermilion – one worker provides service to students in the schools in Fort Vermilion
  • La Crete – two workers provide service to students in the La Crete schools
  • Blue Hills/Buffalo Head – one worker provides services to students at Blue Hills Community School and Buffalo Head Prairie School
  • Zama City School

The Child’s Circle project serves students from Kindergarten through grade twelve. Although services are available to all students and their families, the intent is to improve students’ success in school. Therefore, priority is given to those students identified as at risk of academic failure, of social and emotional functioning problems, and at risk of poor physical well-being. The “at risk” population may include but is not necessarily restricted to:

  • Children or youth who lack social skills necessary to interact appropriately with peers, teachers or other authority figures.
  • Children or youth who display aggressive behavior or exhibit difficulty in managing anger.
  • Children or youth who exhibit behavior inappropriate to the learning environment.
  • Children or youth for whom emotional issues are negatively affecting their ability to learn.
  • Children or youth involved in victim/bully incidents or situations.
  • Children or youth who have difficulty in accepting personal responsibility and accountability.
  • Children or youth who experience chronic absenteeism, tardiness, and/or academic underachievement.
  • Children or youth who frequently appear, tired, hungry, lethargic, unhealthy, often arrive at school with insufficient or improper clothing, or have unmet physical health needs. 


Students may access the services of the Child’s Circle workers through self referral, or referral from teachers, administration, parents, or community agencies. A service plan is established for each student accessing the services of a Child’s Circle worker. Parents or caregivers are involved in the development of the student’s service plan.

The Child’s Circle workers focus on supports that assist children or youth to be ready to learn.  The Child’s Circle service delivery approach is one of respect and understanding of the cultural diversity and community environment of the children, youth and families accessing services. Where external supports are needed or are in place, the worker collaborates to strengthen the liaisons between providers and for seamless service delivery to clients.

The Child’s Circle workers provide individual and group interventions, strategies and supports for students and their parents/caregivers within a collaborative environment.  Services may include but are not restricted to:

  • Information sharing
  • Individual or group social skills teaching
  • Facilitation of workshops or peer support networks
  • Referrals to community resources or support services