Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still - Chinese Proverb

Our FMCS Handbook

Florence MacDougall Community School Encourages Respect For All

We are committed to the Lion’s Quest Program. This program fosters essential life and citizenship skills.  We promote responsibility, good judgement, self-discipline and respect for others.  We are focused on building a strong school community.

Daily Operation

 8:45 am          First Bell

 8:50 am          Morning Classes Begin

10:00 am         Morning Recess         

10:15 am         Morning Classes Resume

11:45 am         Lunch                                     

12:03 pm         Lunch Recess

12:32 pm         DEAR Time           

12:42 pm         Afternoon Classes Begin

 2:12 pm          Afternoon Recess     

 2:27 pm          Afternoon Classes Resume

 3:30 pm          Students Dismissed

Office Hours

Daily office hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  The phone number is 926-2331, and the fax number is 926-3116. 


All visitors to the school must report to the office and sign in.


Bussing is provided for rural children in grades K-3. Bussing for urban students is available for a fee.  Bus arrivals and departures are supervised. Bus drivers and teachers explain expected student behaviour and safety procedures. Call Dave Elias at 780 928-3860 for rural bussing information and Mrs. France Klatt at 780 926-3966 for information on urban bussing. Busses may not be operational on cold days, however the school is open.  It is announced over the Radio station CKYL if the busses are not running due to cold weather.  Children riding busses should be dressed warmly in case the bus breaks down.  Children will be sent home by their regular means unless parents advise us of a different arrangement.  If a child is under a custody order we must have a copy of it in the office in order to abide by it.

Student Loading Zone

The west side of the street in front of Florence MacDougall Community School and the easterly bus lane are the student loading zones.  The parking lot is to be used by staff, visitors, and for handicapped students.  For the convenience of those using the loading zone, sidewalks are kept free of snow and dirt.  If you drop your children off or pick them up in front of the school, please use the west side of the road.  No children should be dropped off on the east side of the road.

Morning Exercises

O Canada is played over the intercom system every morning at 8:50 am to signal the beginning of the school day.  This is followed by any pertinent announcements.

Absenteeism and Tardiness

Regular attendance is a requirement of the School Act.  Please ensure that your child is absent only when necessary, i.e. sickness, medical appointments.  Punctuality is a general expectation for all.  Children arriving late must check in at the office before proceeding to class.  If a child is habitually late, the parents or guardians will be contacted. 

Safe Arrival Program

The purpose of the "Safe Arrival Program" is to inform parents if their child has not arrived at school.  Whenever your child will be absent, please call the school at 780 926-2331, fax 780 926-3116, or email safefmcs@fvsd.ab.ca by 8:45 am.  Then, once attendance is taken, if a student is not accounted for the parents will be called to inform them that their child has not arrived at school. We urge all parents to keep the school advised of any phone number changes.  

Telephone Policy

Children have access to the phone to call parents if they are not feeling well or if they have forgotten their lunch.  Students may not use the phone to make arrangements to visit friends. 

Lunch Policy

Students are encouraged to stay at school for lunch. Lunches are eaten in the students' own classrooms from 11:45 am to 12:03 pm, and a staff member (usually their teacher) will be supervising.  Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds unless they bring a note from home.


All teachers at Florence MacDougall Community School are certified to teach in the province of Alberta.  All staff must provide a criminal record check prior to employment with Fort Vermilion School Division #52.

Weather Policy

Students will be outdoors at recess times when the weather is good.  If the weather is unsuitable, children are kept indoors.  Please ensure that your child is warmly dressed.


Students must have indoor shoes.  This is necessary in the event of a fire drill or a fire.  Only soft-soled shoes may be worn in the gymnasium.

Lost and Found

There is a Lost and Found box for each grade level.  You are welcome to come and look through it!  All articles that are not claimed after a reasonable amount of time are given away.  Please remember to label your child’s belongings. 

Illness and Injury

When children are ill, it is undesirable for them to be at school.  Their health is regained more slowly, they learn little, and there is the possibility of others coming into contact with the illness.If a child becomes ill during the day, the parent or guardian will be contacted and advised to take the child home.  In the case of injury on the playground or in the school, the child is taken to the infirmary.  If the injury is very minor, appropriate first aid is used.  NO INTERNAL MEDICATION WILL BE ADMINISTERED.  If the injury appears more serious, the parent or guardian will be notified.  It is extremely important that we have your current phone number as well as a work number or alternate number. 

Fire Drills and Lockdowns

Fire drills and Lockdowns are conducted throughout the year.  Plans are posted in each classroom to ensure a safe and orderly procedure.

School Lockdown Procedures

The following procedure will be implemented:

  • Call 911
  • Any staff member without direct student supervision will check for missing students and move them to safety.
  • Classroom teachers:
    • Lock classroom doors.
    • Create a list of missing students.
    • Ensure that students are as safe as possible- create cover by moving furniture.
    • Keep students away from windows, doors and exposed areas.
  • Students who are out-of-doors:
    • Unless otherwise instructed, move to the designed alternate site.
  • Inform parents when and how children may be picked up.
  • Once the lockdown order is lifted by the proper authority, the Principal will relay dismissal instructions.


In case of an emergency the students of Florence MacDougall Community School will be evacuated to the High Level Public School gymnasium.

Community Health

The Public Health Nurse visits the school as required to do immunizations and tuberculin skin test if parental consent has been granted. She may also do vision and hearing screening if so requested.

Medical Information

Please inform the school of any medical problems your child may have.  It is necessary for us to know about the problem and the immediate treatment if we are to respond wisely given an emergency situation. 

Peanut/Nut Safe Policy

Due to severe allergic conditions within our student body, FMCS has become a Peanut/Nut Safe Zone.  It is very important that all parents and students help us by not sending peanuts/nuts or food containing them to school.  Our goal is to create an environment where all children are safe and comfortable. Thank you for your assistance in this area.


There are a wide variety of books and magazines in our library for the students. They Range from simple picture-books to a higher reading level. Encyclopedias and other reference materials are available for student research.Students are allowed to sign out books for a two-week period.  If library books are lost, students are expected to pay replacement cost:  Library sign-out privileges will be withdrawn until satisfactory arrangements are made.

Skateboard/Roller Blade, Scooter and Bike Policy

They are not to be used on school property.

Language Arts Programming

In order to help every child achieve in reading and writing we have created Focus Groups at each grade level.  Students are assessed and placed with children of similar academic abilities for their Language Arts classes.  This allows each child to work at their own ability and to find success each day in school.  It also allows the teacher to focus on their class needs, because the academic range within their class is much smaller.

Focus Groups give us the flexibility to provide programming for children who are below grade level or at risk, while still being able to offer an enrichment program for students needing the challenge.  If you have any questions about this program please call the school.

Effective Behaviour Support (EBS)

At FMCS we believe that a positive approach to discipline and teaching students appropriate behaviours throughout the year will help them be successful, safe and secure.  EBS is a system that we use to help our children learn the expected behaviours and reward those same behaviours.  We have 4 school wide rules (see below) that we teach the children; and we provide them with positive examples to be successful. 





Children identified as following the rules will be rewarded with a Bear Hug. This certificate is posted in the hallway for recognition and at the end of each week will be entered for the chance to win a prize.  In our EBS system we reward students for positive behaviour.  This teaches children that appropriate behaviours are worthwhile.  Negative behaviours are tracked using Red Slips.  These papers are used to identify problem behaviours and areas.  They are not a consequence for wrong behaviour, they provide us with information.

In general, teachers are expected to take care of any discipline problems in the classroom and on the playground.  In the instance of a more serious offense they are reported to the office and home will be contacted.


Florence MacDougall welcomes all parents to volunteer in the school and in their child’s classroom.  If you are interested in helping out in class or during field trips please talk to your child’s teacher.

And Finally,

Please watch your child’s backpack throughout the year for agenda notes regarding the happenings at Florence MacDougall Community School.  It is a busy place!

New students and families - WELCOME TO FMCS (also known as FloMac)!  We are so happy you are joining us! If we can help you with adjusting to a new school community in any way please let us know. Also please see the registration page for more new student information.